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$7 shipping in the GTA, $10 across Canada. Emission-free delivery available in the GTA
$7 shipping in the GTA, $10 across Canada. Emission-free delivery available in the GTA

Build Your Own - 3 Jar Bundle (Loose or Bagged)


Choose from a selection of 12 of our top selling teas to build the perfect customized tea gift!

Loose or bagged... the choice is yours.

This zero waste tea selection includes 20 servings each of the following teas and makes a perfect gift for the tea lover in your life.

Gingerbread Spice - Gingerbread Spice is sweet, soothing, and fragrant. Notes of cinnamon and ginger prevail, making this warming caffeine-free infusion an excellent choice for any time of day. 75g or 20 Tea Bags

Chocolate Orange - Our new Chocolate Orange tea is reminiscent of that *other* famous Chocolate Orange treat. 60g or 20 Tea Bags

Lavender Earl Grey Cream - We added Ontario-grown lavender to our top selling tea! Lightly floral, with soft bergamot notes and a creamy vanilla bean finish, this premium black tea blend is a standout (that makes a stunning lavender London fog). 50g or 20 Tea Bags

Earl Grey Cream - Featuring a soft bergamot character, creamy vanilla bean finish, and a full bodied black tea flavour - this blend is a standout. 55g or 20 Tea Bags

Chai Spice - A bold blend of fine spices define this traditional chai. One of our most popular teas, this infusion features bold cardamom, clove, and cinnamon notes. 80g or 20 Tea Bags 

Citrus Ginger - This spicy and citrusy ginger infusion features fresh citrus peel - saved, chopped and dried at a local cold press juice maker. 80g or 20 Tea Bags

Apple Crumble - Delicious dried apples, cinnamon, and hibiscus feature in this bright and flavourful fruit tea. 80g or 20 Tea Bags

After Dinner Mint - Caffeine - free rooibos blended with peppermint and freshly roasted cacao shells saved from Toronto's Chocosol - a local bean to bar chocolate maker. 65g or 20 Tea Bags

Harvest Mint - A bold organic peppermint infusion bursting with freshness. Blended with both the mint leaf and flower. 30g or 20 Tea Bags

Chamomile - A soothing, fragrant, organic whole flower head chamomile with a slightly sweet finish and brilliant yellow liquor. 20g or 20 Tea Bags

Field Berry Green - Steamed sencha style green tea, blended with strawberries, Canadian blueberries, hibuscus, and butterfly pea petals makes this an energizing, refreshing and fruity infusion. 60g or 20 Tea Bags

Fields of Green - This organic green tea boasts a delicate but full green tea flavour. Vegetal and sweet with mild astringency. A perfectly balanced green tea for all green tea lovers. 75g or 20 Tea Bags