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Houjicha (Organic)

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Q:  When is a green tea not green?

A:  When it has been lovingly roasted at the end of its journey through the tea factory. Though technically still a green tea (as the oxidization process was halted early by steam in the first stage of finishing) these leaves produce a gorgeous amber liquid that is simply delicious. This tea can be re-steeped up to three times.

This Houjicha includes tea stems separated out during the Matcha making process, as well as full leaves. Toasty and full - bodied with a lightly sweet caramel finish. This tea is far more temperature tolerant than more delicate green teas - so don't worry too much about letting the water cool before steeping. 

Traditional Preparation: Measure 1 tsp of loose tea and add to a tea filter or strainer. Steep in 8-12 oz freshly boiled water. Delicious on its own, or lightly sweetened. 

Iced Honey Houjicha Tea Recipe: Steep 2 tsp of this tea (or 1 tea bag) in 6oz freshly boiled water for 5 minutes. Sweeten with a generous drizzle of honey (or other sweetener) while warm, and give it a stir. Strain into a glass over lots of ice, slowly. (The ice will partially dissolve) Delicious with a splash of milk or oat milk.

100% natural ingredients: Green Tea*. *Organic