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COVID-19 Action Plan

A Note to our Valued Customers Regarding Pluck Tea’s COVID-19 Action Plan



We are closely monitoring recent developments surrounding the spread of COVID-19, and we would like to take this opportunity to share our action plan with our customers that is currently in place.

Sick Days:

At Pluck we support paid sick days, and these days have been an important component of our Human Resources policy for several years. Any team member who is feeling unwell is required to stay home, and will be compensated according to this policy without delay. 

Sanitation and Staff:

As a secure, (locked) third party certified HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Procedures) food facility, Pluck Tea will be maintaining normal operations during this time, with the following plan in place.

This COVID plan has been assessed and approved by the Ontario Ministry of Labour
  • All staff (production and administrative) have undergone an extensive hygiene training course and sanitizing demonstration. This is in addition to regular training received on an ongoing basis in order to maintain our excellent GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) food safety rating. A strict ‘no contact’ and physical distancing policy is in place.
  • All staff have been directed to stay home and report to us immediately if they experience any of the symptoms of COVID-19, to follow all Health Canada guidelines.
  • Our facility sanitization procedures for the front office and tasting area have been upgraded, and all cleaning products upgraded to 99.9% anti–viral products. All common touch points are sanitized throughout the day.
  • All office staff are working at a distance of at least 2m apart, and a mandatory mask policy is now in place. 
  • All non–essential visitor meetings at Pluck have been cancelled, or moved to video conferences
  • All orders are picked, packed, clearly labelled, and stored in a separate zone of the facility, near the loading dock. Couriers coming to pick up orders do not interact directly with staff at this time to eliminate potential contact.
  • Any employee who can work from home, is now working from home.

Supply Management

  • All critical suppliers have been contacted to obtain their COVID-19 procedures for our review, and additional raw materials will be purchased to insulate our customers from any potential interruption in supply based on their responses.

Product Safety

  • In the finishing of our premium teas in their dry state, the leaf is exposed to high heat over an extended period of time. Our Japanese teas are steamed (and then later roasted), and our teas sourced from China, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya all undergo a period of roasting that kills any potential pathogens. Our teas arrive with Certificates of Analysis as they are tested prior to shipment, and Pluck sends randomized samples out for optional ‘spot checks’ throughout the year to our third-party lab, Eurofins. All test results have come back completely clean for pathogens to date.
  • All teas are shipped to Pluck by air or sea. Both methods require several days of transport. There is no evidence to suggest that any virus can survive on corrugate or foil packaging for this period of time.
  • The recommended steeping method for all of our teas and herbal infusions is clearly marked on all packaging and requires brewing in a minimum of 180 degree F water for a minimum of 3 minutes. This process is commonly referred to as a ‘kill step’ and when followed, provides a completely safe finished product, free of any potential microbial or viral element.