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Pluck Pekoe - 3 Jar Bundle (Loose or Bagged)

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Gift your favourite tea lover(s) with our new line of Pluck Pekoe featuring 3 unique and sustainably sourced blends.

This zero waste tea selection includes 20 servings each of the following teas and makes a perfect gift for the tea lover in your life.

Light – Milk in first? Milk in second? It matters not. You may not add milk at all!  You’re a straight-up kind of person looking for a light and refreshing tea with minimal astringency. 
90g or 20 Tea Bags

Medium – You’re a lover of the classics, but you seek something beyond your grandmother’s tea. (Of course, you’ll drink it if she serves it to you, because that’s only polite.) An elevated, smooth and balanced take on a classic Orange Pekoe. Milk, sugar, lemon, or straight up - it’s up to you! 85g or 20 Tea Bags

Bold - You are a serious tea lover who seeks a full-flavoured steeping experience. You might have strong opinions about things. (Especially tea.) This tea delivers on intensity, and is a full-bodied blend for fans of strong black teas. Excellent with milk. 80g or 20 Tea Bags