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Alcohol-free tea options

Alcohol-free tea options

Are you a non-drinker, or someone who is looking to cut back on your alcohol consumption? I raise my (iced tea filled) glass to you!

Or, perhaps you want to be more inclusive in your hospitality this season by offering thoughtful refreshments to your non-drinking guests that pair well with food. It's time (please!) to move beyond cranberry+soda, pop, or water. 

Here are three easy (just add water and garnish!) suggestions for iced tea options for the season. These infusions pair well with savoury and sweet foods, and all are in our handy 1L steep sachets. Just add hot water, then ice, and enjoy!

tea mocktail

Southbrook Berry Tea, garnished with rosemary and fresh (or frozen) berries.

tea mocktail

Lemon Pekoe Tea, garnished with citrus and a fresh bay leaf.

tea mocktail

Strawberry Fields Tea, garnished with mint and fresh berries.

Each of these iced options are zero sugar (feel free to sweeten to taste) and full of health benefits from the natural ingredients they contain. 



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