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Sustainability: Our Tea For Good Commitment

April 10th, 2018

At Pluck, our commitment to being the most sustainable tea company in the world is core to our product development efforts, and is a key driver across our organization in all areas.  We prioritize local, sustainable, and ethical in everything we do.  We call this mission ‘Tea for Good’.

Our People:

At Pluck we prefer employing people over machines.  We hand – blend and pack teas daily with our growing production team at our own facility.  We pay above the legal minimum wage, and have done so since day one. This approach allows us to evaluate our tea ingredients daily, to ensure optimal freshness and quality.

Our restaurant Tea for Good buy – back program helps people in shelters, and those who use food banks in the city through our regular donations of product.

Our Product:

Pluck tea bags are plant – based, and 100% compostable and plastic – free. Our woven sachet material is made from non-GMO corn based material.

All of our whole leaf teas are blended and packed in Toronto, using only natural ingredients.

Our Organic teas are third party certified by Pro – Cert.

We source many ingredients grown on Canadian farms.  Cranberries, lavender, sunflowers, lemon verbena, mint, grape skins, and apples are all examples.  Our local sourcing mandate has won us the distinction of being a ‘Preferred Purveyor’ within the Feast ON program, a designation that highlights restaurants with a commitment to local food procurement. We are the only tea company that has met their strict standards for the program.

Rather than turning to international industry wholesalers for our ingredients, wherever possible we develop upcycling programs in partnership with local local food makers.  Citrus peels from organic juice makers, ice wine grape skins saved from Niagara vineyards, and cacao shells from bean – to – bar chocolate makers are all current examples.  These ingredients are reformatted and dried to our specifications, and make their way into many of our most popular restaurant tea and retail tea blends.

Our Freshpacks are made in Toronto for us by a Canadian company, using top quality materials that are also produced in Canada. In March 2020, we look forward to launching our 100% compostable packaging.

Our retail tea boxes contain recycled paper, and are recyclable.  We avoid packaging in retail tins, as they create waste and are shipped empty across long distances.

Our glass jars and racks for office tea customers are all made in Toronto.  This rack allows for a ‘zero waste’ sustainable tea solution at work.

We do not overwrap (envelope) individual tea bags, we provide stainless steel tongs for service, reducing waste substantially. (Also reducing ‘shrinkage’ when tea bags are offered in an open area.)

Our shipping cartons are made in Toronto, to our precise specifications to maximize filling and reduce waste.


Our Place:

The Pluck Tea blending and packing facility is located near to our largest customer concentration in midtown Toronto.

We are third party certified for GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Procedures) practices.

Our production area is lit naturally by skylights, and in the early morning and late evenings by LED lighting, reducing our energy consumption substantially.

Upon move – in, we organized and continue to lead a recycling program for all tenants in the building, as none existed on arrival.

Our restaurant Tea for Good buy – back program helps people in shelters, and those who use food banks in the city through our regular donations of product.

Tea for Good.  It’s our promise to you.


Pluck Tea Organics are certified by Pro-Cert.


Pluck Tea was thrilled to be recognized by the Tea Association of Canada and the US with the 2018 sustainability award at the North American Tea Conference.


Pluck Tea is a preferred purveyor within the FeastON program.  Learn more here.