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Recipe - Restaurant Tea Recipe: Cold Brew Fukamushi Sencha

Cold brew isn’t just for coffee.  Top quality tea leaves can also be brewed using cold water to achieve a smoother, less astringent cup of tea.

Sencha green tea pairs beautifully with savoury and sweet foods, and Fukamushi Sencha (or long steamed sencha) is a popular tea for cold brewing in Japan. When touring tea gardens, cold brew tea is often offered to guests, and might be paired with a delicate sweet to enjoy. This tea is a perfect restaurant tea option for your iced menu, as it will never detract from the flavours on the plate.

Frozen peaches take the place of ice cubes in this version, and lend a gorgeous aroma and light sweetness to the brew.  Feel free to experiment with frozen berries, plums, or enjoy simply chilled in a tall glass.


Quarter ripe peaches and freeze in a single layer on a tray (parchment paper keeps them from sticking) until frozen.

Portion 2 tablespoons Fukamushi Sencha into a 1.5L glass pitcher and top with cool filtered water. Chill 24 hours in the fridge (leaves will settle at the bottom) To serve, give the tea a stir, allow the leaves to resettle, and pour over a frozen peach or two in a tall glass.  Enjoy!