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Recipe - An easy iced tea solution? We’ve got it!

You asked… and we are thrilled to be launching something new, just for you!  Our brand new pre-portioned iced tea sachets are now ready to ship.

Available in four varieties and ideal for restaurant tea service:

  • Verbena Blues (caffeine – free, colour changing iced tea, see below image)
  • Harvest Berry (caffeine – free hibiscus berry)
  • Just Peachy (black tea with natural peach flavour)
  • Signature Black. (100% organic, fair trade Assam black tea, pure and simple).


Verbena Blues changes colour with a squeeze of lemon.

Simply add 1L of freshly boiled water to one iced tea sachet, let steep for 15 minutes, remove sachet, and add ice to the 2L mark. (Most of the ice will melt, cooling the tea instantly and correcting the dilution.)

Pour over ice, garnish, and serve!  The teas in these sachets are 100% natural, and the sachets are 100% compostable.  Steep as much as you need, in multiples of 2L.

Freshly brewed iced tea could not be simpler, more delicious, or more cost effective.

Please contact Teri at the office for more information and samples.  This product is available now.