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Wellness Wonders - Limited Edition Three Jar Loose Tea Set

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Stay healthy with three of our favourite caffeine - free wellness teas, packed directly into infinitely washable and reusable stacking glass jars. 

This zero waste tea selection includes 50 servings each of the following teas and makes a perfect gift for the herbal tea lover in your life.

Spa Day - Organic mint, chamomile, and rose make this a beautiful blend to relax and unwind with. 70g

CTRL+ALT+DEL - A fine cut lemon ginger blend studded with Nova Scotia Cranberries - a top seller! 125g

Ginger Root - Nothing warms, soothes, and settles upset tummies like ginger. Steep and serve hot, or chill with a splash of soda for your very own craft ginger ale! 145g