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Stainless Steel Strainer


3″ Stainless Steel Strainer with Wood Handle-Perfect for steeping your Honey Chai!


Skip the teabag and use this 3″ stainless steel strainer to steep your teas!

Features a wood handle and fine mesh, perfect for teas with a small particle size, like our Ctrl Alt Del or Honey Chai. This strainer will minimize stray particles from your steeped tea.

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    Hit the reset button – with this refreshing lemon and ginger infusion featuring Nova Scotia cranberries. Caffeine-free and delicious hot or iced, this tisane packs a lot of flavour.

    Available Loose or Bagged
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  • Honey Chai

    This delicious sticky honey chai is blended with honey from Toronto Bee Rescue, freshly ground whole spices, and directly traded premium black tea leaves from Emrok Estates in Kenya. Perfect for tea lattes, hot or cold.

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