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New! 1 Litre Iced Tea Sachets (Qty 8)


Available in six blends: Lemon Pekoe (Organic), Just Peachy, Strawberry Fields, Rhubarb Ginger, Southbrook Berry (Organic), Verbena Blues

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These tea sachets make freshly brewed, premium iced tea simply and consistently.  Just add one sachet to 1L of boiling water, steep 15 minutes and remove sachet. Serve over ice.

For faster cooling, add 1 sachet to 500ml boiling water. Steep 15 minutes and remove sachet. Add 500ml cold water and serve over ice.

Optional: Add your favourite sweetener to taste while warm, then chill.

Plastic – Free + Compostable

8 Sachets Per Bag (Makes 8L Iced Tea)

Lemon Pekoe (Organic)
This classic iced tea combination features only two ingredients: pure, organic, high grown black tea leaves, and organic lemon peel. A delicious, premium, and zero – calorie alternative to conventional lemon flavoured iced teas that are on the market. Add a touch of sweetness if desired.
Just Peachy
Our luxury loose leaf black tea blended with ripe peaches, dried apricots and papaya.
Strawberry Fields
The joys of summer in a cup.  Select mild and grassy green sencha leaves, delicately blended with the natural essence of fresh strawberries and raspberries.
Rhubarb Ginger (Caffeine – Free)
This refreshing and fruity iced tea (with a hint of spicy heat) celebrates one of our favourite seasonal ingredients… Rhubarb!  Blended with pure ginger root, this tea is delicious on it’s own or served with a splash of soda and a lemon slice.
Southbrook Berry (Caffeine – Free + Organic)
A blend of dried grape skins from Niagara’s organic and biodynamic Southbrook Vineyards, layered with hibiscus and berries.
Verbena Blues (Caffeine – Free)
Butterfly pea flowers release a beautiful blue pigment into this citrus ginger infusion. Add a generous squeeze of lemon and watch the colour change!

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Iced Tea Flavour

Iced Just Peachy 25 Sachets, Iced Just Peachy 8 Sachets, Iced Lemon Pekoe 25 Sachets, Iced Lemon Pekoe 8 Sachets, Iced Rhubarb Ginger 25 Sachets, Iced Rhubarb Ginger 8 Sachets, Iced Southbrook Berry 25 Sachets, Iced Southbrook Berry 8 Sachets, Iced Strawberry Fields 25 Sachets, Iced Strawberry Fields 8 Sachets, Iced Verbena Blues 25 Sachets, Iced Verbena Blues 8 Sachets