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Zero Waste jars are here!

Zero Waste jars are here!


New! These beautiful and stackable glass jars are filled to order with your favourite Pluck teas. Reuse them endlessly. We’ve designed these custom printed (in Toronto), wide necked jars to be useful for all kinds of items.

Tea loves to be stored in glass. It keeps out and moisture and unwanted scents (tea absorbs nearby smells easily, which is why it is easy to flavour) better than almost any other material and can be washed and re-used. Best of all, you can always see how much you have left.  

Store teas in a dark place (sunlight can bleach the leaves) such as a cupboard or drawer. We've printed the tea information on the tops of the lids too, so you can find your favourites... fast!

Entertaining with tea? These beautiful jars make setting up a tea bar for your guests a breeze.


Loose Teas

Loose teas are easily scooped out of jars, vs flexible packaging. Store stacked in a cupboard or tucked into a drawer to keep the light away (but be sure to show these off at your next tea party!) Each jar contains 20-25 servings of tea. Jars measure 2.75”w x 3.25”h, and come with an easy-twist lid.


Bagged Teas

Each jar contains 20 of our compostable, sugar cane-based tea bags. Our team blends, bags, and packs our fresh tea bags daily at our facility in Leaside. Jars measure 3.25”w x 4.5””h, and come with an easy-twist lid.

Looking for ordering information? We've now added glass jars as an option on every tea (in addition to our reasealable refill pouches) on every product page.


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