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A note from Jennifer...

A note from Jennifer...

Eight years ago, I started Pluck Tea with a vision to ‘fix restaurant tea.’ Armed with a credit card, $5000 that I had saved up from my job selling office furniture, a freshly minted Tea Sommelier Certificate, and my mom’s hand – me – down hatchback, my early Pluck days were spent meeting with chefs, bartenders and baristas, visiting local farms and food makers, and blending teas with local ingredients at my kitchen table for delivery the next day.

Once we had confidence that I was on to something (this tea company idea may just work!) my family put it all on the line. We sold our house, rented an apartment around the corner, and went ‘all in’ with my husband’s income carrying our family expenses including those of our three kids. 

As the company grew over the years, Pluck Tea added dozens and eventually hundreds of new restaurant customers (including those of several top chefs across Canada), office customers, and select retailers.

We won some prestigious industry awards, invested in a gorgeous, light – filled production facility in the GTA (that we are still operating in today), and built an incredible team of eight awesome full time employees. Every dollar we earned was reinvested into building our vision of the bravest and boldest tea company in the world.

And then COVID happened. In a matter of days, the foundation of the business simply evaporated. The restaurants we relied on were shut. If they weren’t closed, they were offering takeout or delivery only, but tea isn’t an ideal takeout or delivery option. (Unless you’re one of the big guys.) Unfortunately, as a result of declining sales we had to lay off half our staff, and reduce hours for those who remained.

The definition of Pluck:  noun  ‘Spirited and determined courage.’

The past many months have been truly transformational. Our team has dug in, rethought, reimagined, and rebuilt. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.

I am happy to report that today, thanks to the support of customers like you (and to the incredible effort put forth by our team) we have been able to bring almost everyone back to work full time. Our new website is now live and is getting more traffic by the day. We have also introduced Pluck loyalty points as well as emissions – free delivery (by bike or electric car) for customers in Toronto.

Thank you on behalf of our whole team for supporting small business. It truly means the world to us.

Be well,



Founder + CEO

Pluck Tea Inc.

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Roberta douglas - May 4, 2021

As new owners of Royal Tea on King in Midland Ontario, we are loving the Pluck tea that we serve when our tea room is open as well as retail in our British gift shop. Our customers love the blends and are always excited when we introduce a new one to them!! So excited as we just ordered the 2 newest blends and are restocking our shelves with many more that we are sold out of. Looking forward to hopefully soon being able to meet everyone at Pluck soon and have a tour!!

solamar - May 4, 2021

Inspired by my new dietary regime, I searched for loose teas and ended up on your site. My deciding factor to buy your teas was the plastic-free tea bags and I can’t wait to taste the variety of teas I ordered. And really amazing I have so many Pluck points already. Thank you!
Your story is very touching and inspiring. All your community-conscious effort, small and large, for your team and for the global one, is truly appreciated.

Gary Chin - November 4, 2020


Am impressed with your drive and determination in this unusual environment.

Colin Biggin - November 4, 2020

Great to hear that things are going well. And I’m proud to say that I helped you put together your cement mixer in your old Carroll street location years ago. And of course, I still buy tea from you!!

Jennifer Commins - November 3, 2020

Thank you Bill – can you believe it was seven years ago? I see you every day on my wall but hope we can spend some time together again soon.

Wendy Starr - November 3, 2020

I absolutely love your story. You are an inspiration and show what it means to have GRIT. I also love your products! Keep up the great work and continue to create. Things will get better and you will thrive having survived! I would hug you if I could!

Bill Redelmeier - November 3, 2020

What a great message, from a very Plucky person! I still remember when you came to the Vineyard: you must too as the picture is over your shoulder. I feel like your conscience sitting there!

Jeffrey Eisen - November 3, 2020

I am inspired by your story of tenacity and courage. I wish you all the best for continued success.

Love and Light
Jeffrey Eisen

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