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Freshen up.

We are no strangers to the fact that as tea aficionados, it can be easy to purchase more than you can consume. We get it! However, if your curated collection has existed for two years or more, it may be time to fully indulge or send the rest to compost. Of course, there is an exception to this suggestion, which is intentionally aged tea such as Pu-erh.

Here’s why:

After about six months, the flavour and aroma that you cherish will start to degrade. Also, beyond tea being delicious and feeling like a warm hug for your insides, if you’re drinking it for the antioxidant boost it provides, you’ll want to make sure that it is as fresh as possible.

Exceptional from the Start

When buying your tea, look for a company that is committed to sourcing high-quality tea leaves. At Pluck, our leaves arrive from Ethical Tea Partnership gardens several times per year, ensuring that your purchase is high-quality from the start. Upon arrival at our facility, the leaves are blended with fresh, local ingredients before being quickly packaged to preserve the integrity of the blend.

Here are some quick tips on how to get the most out of your tea.

Sealed with Approval

Three of tea’s biggest enemies are light, oxygen and moisture - but what does that mean? Sadly, it means storing your tea in the most aesthetically pleasing way may not be what’s best for the leaves. Restaurants take note -  those beautiful, clear glass containers may show all the nuances in the leaves, but the exposure to light will zap out all the freshness.

Instead, opt for transfering your tea into a sealed storage container once the package has been opened. Our favourites are food safe stainless or aluminum tins.  These moisture-resistant containers keep the three big bads out, helping to seal in freshness until brewed.

Storage Tips:

  • The smaller, the better. Select smaller tea containers based on what you would realistically consume in 2-3 months. Don’t forget the importance of lids that seal tightly.
  • Employ the sniff test. Take a whiff of your reusable containers prior to filling them with new teas. The scent of certain woods, finishes and plastics can inadvertently be absorbed by your leaves. Also, flavoured teas can linger. leaving a lasting scent that will affect your new tea.
  • Into the Dark. Keep your tea in a cool dark spot (your cupboards are great for that).
  • Don’t let it sweat. Make sure to avoid any heat source as it will speed up the oxidization process of the tea, causing it to degrade faster.
  • What’s that smell? Avoid storing your tea in spaces with strong odours, including the spice cupboard or within close proximity to onions or garlic.
  • Keep it spinning. Make sure to regularly rotate and top-up the tea inside your container to minimize the amount of oxygen in the space.
  • Labels are good. Try to label the container with the type of tea, brewing instructions, date of purchase and any other favourite notes that may help you get the most out of your beverage.

Thankfully tea rarely spoils, and if you follow these storage tips, you’ll increase the chance of extending the shelflife of your leafy brew.

Be bold. Be brave. Be Plucky.

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Jennifer Commins - December 1, 2020

Hi Bonny, we don’t currently sell those tins (and they don’t stack, which is annoying in a cupboard!) but we do sell stacking jars for tea storage.

Bonny McCleery Scanlan - December 1, 2020

I recently heard of your teas through Cynthia – From the Farm in Prince Edward County.
I particularly like the organization of the Tea Cans that the tea was in. My tea cupboards needs this type of organization.
Are these cans available to the general public when ordering teas?

Thank you

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